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8 must have things for attractive bedroom

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

The bedroom is your personal temple, where you can escape from the outside world, so why give it a short end of the stick when it comes to decor? Just a few simple twists will turn your bedroom into a dreamy space where you will be able to enjoy your time alone, with a partner or just to sleep well. Only 8 things and we promise that your bedroom will look stunning!

A comfortable rug

Nothing ruins a great morning or makes it worse (if you already woke up angry at the whole world) like stepping out of the ward bed onto a hard, cold floor. Treat your feet well get yourself a soft and comfy rug. It is also a great decor detail you can choose from various styles, colors, and patterns!

The right amount of throw pillows

sHow to choose the right number? It should be enough pillows so your bed would look inviting and sumptuous when well made, yet not enough that getting in be would like 10 minutes of digging up. The perfect spot is usually between 2-6, depends on the size of your bed and pillows.

A place to sit

Let's agree that the bedroom isn't just for sleeping. Sometimes we just want to run away from everything and hide in our comfort zone. However, even if you want to spend an afternoon in the bedroom, you not necessarily want to lie in a bed. That's why a good spot to sit down will serve you perfectly when you want to read a book, have a conversation with your partner or just simply put on the shoes. Cisco Home offers multiple chairs, ottomans, love seats and many more furniture and accessories for your bedroom and home. Besides stunning designs and quality products, Cisco Home offers "Environment Furniture" which are entirely made of FSC woods, natural latex, jute, hemp, wool, goose feathers and down. If you find a product you like and it's not from "Environment Furniture" line, it is not a problem, just send a request, and they will build it using "Inside Green" method.

Cisco Home


Even the brightest bedrooms need a dark element or a sexy glamour. Oversized headboard, mysterious chandelier or a decorative 3d wall panels painted in a moody color will do the trick. Stick with one or two dramatic accents, don't forget that the balance is key and you don't want the bedroom to look like a bordello.

Well-stocked nightstands

A nightstand is one of the most important things in your bedroom, not just because it looks lovely but it is an essential kit for your sleep comfort. A lamp, a cup of water, a plant, a great book and many more things that are must have on your nightstand. When you are organizing the kit, don't feel like it has to be stunning or perfect. The most important, that everything would stay in its own "place". After a couple of weeks, you will notice where the water, book or any other often used item goes. The more idiosyncratic it feels, the better it will work!

A collection of things you love

It doesn't have to be an entire collection of your plants or whatever you like, but a cluster of items that make you happy will make a bedroom feel just right. Also, it is a good way to incorporate things that you have been collecting but couldn't find a spot where to put them. Make sure they are in your line of sight when you wake up because its true purpose is to make you smile.

bedroom decorated with De Wolfe 3d wall panels
De Wolfe 3D Panels, Bvlgari Design

Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains

Curtains are good because they lengthen the height of the bedroom, they shield the sun from waking you up in the morning, and of course, they look pretty. However, if you decide to buy curtains, there are some tricks you should know. There are three ways you can hang up the curtains: the puddle, the kiss, and the float. The puddle curtains look the best in linen or velvet, just let them elegantly drop onto the floor. The second option is called a kiss because it should only slightly kiss the ground - not too long, not too short. And the final, float curtains shouldn't be touching the ground at all, hang them up an inch above the floor. Either way, you choose, it will add a perfect touch of romance to your bedroom - which is always a great thing.

A blanket

The last but not least thing you must have in your bedroom is a blanket. As mentioned before, the bedroom isn't just for sleeping. You might want to relax after a long day in your bed or in that chair we told you to add to your room. In any way, you won't want to use your sleep sheets while you are wearing clothes and especially if you are going to have a late night snack! Just buy yourself a soft, good-looking blanket that will stay your warm during the cold winter evenings or lazy Sunday afternoons. Plus, it's a good decor detail. Just throw it on the chair on your bedroom, maybe add one or two throw pillows, and you just added a bit of charisma to the room!

Investing in the bedroom is something everyone should consider. The environment you create will help you relax and forget all the problems you had during the day. Whether you are moving to a new house or just redecorating, buying these items will help you to transform the bedroom into a cozy and charismatic room.

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