• Viktorija Tarakaviciute

Is 2019 the year of the ceiling?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

With a new year come new decoration styles. We are finally moving away from the tech-obsessed décor which was dominating the 2018 design trends. 2019 brings natural and fresh looks, so if you are planning to redecorate your home or spice it up with a few new details, you came to the right place!

The color of the year

If you are repainting your rooms, you must know that 2019s color is Nightwatch green. As mentioned before, the natural looks are coming to the trend and what does look more natural than the mother nature’s color, right? Deep green looks very good with high-shine elements and matte black. Since Nightwatch green color is a bit dark, a full room can be too much. Consider deep green carpet or a vibrant textile to bring vitality to your room.

Statement Ceilings

In the past couple of years, various installations became very popular in the wall décor market, such as our 3D wall panels. Before, the ceiling was never even mentioned in the interior design blogs. However, 2019 is definitely the ceiling year. Even if people are still not ready for the ceiling installations, they are at least starting to paint their walls in different colors and ornaments. Did you know, if the walls have been painted, but the ceiling is still white, the eye is drawn to the white ceiling because of the contrast? If you want people to notice the ceiling, give them something to look at! A colored ceiling can make the room look brighter, larger and more memorable! Want to impress your guests? Try our 3D wall panels we guarantee you won’t regret!

Velvet Furnishings

Most probably you already noticed that a couple of years ago velvet made a strong come back into a fashion world and this year it is ready to conquer the interior design and décor market. Velvet is considered as luxury yet funky fabric and can be used in different colors. If you want to change something in your living room or bedroom, but don’t want to make any major transformations, buying a new velvet couch can give a completely new look for your room.

De Wolfe 3D Panels, Pandora Design

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns aren’t a new trend yet are expected to become a thrilling presence. Colors are going to be bolder with oversized patterns and this trend will definitely help to make a bold statement in any apartment, house or an office. One of the easiest ways to incorporate this pattern into your home décor is using our 3D wall panels. We have 17 exclusive designs which include many geometric patterns and if you want to add extra charm, paint them in Nightwatch green color!

Making a change not necessarily requires a lot of work or money. A few details, either it’s a new velvet pillow or a deep green carpet can bring new looks and ideas into your world. But if you are ready to remodel your entire room or a house, don’t follow the trends 100%. Listen to your heart, think if you really like that new color and of course, don’t forget to use your imagination. Good luck!