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Decorating a room that will grow together with your little one

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The kitchen is considered one of the most work and investment requiring room in the house. However, the parents know that designing children's room requires the most patience because our little ones tend to change their opinion and wishes very often. Everyone knows that children spend most of their time in the bedroom, playing, learning or just sleeping. So, how to choose the right furniture and decor details for a room that will grow together with your little one?

little girl's room decorated with 3D wall panels by De Wolfe Wall Forms
De Wolfe 3D Panels, Pandora Design

Pair Neutral Colors with Bold Patterns

Everyone wants to know how to avoid creating an environment that is forever locked within a baby or toddler years. The best way is to choose neutral hues, such as warm oatmeals, light-grey or just simple shades of white. Bold colors can be used in some children's rooms, but try to keep them to a minimum, use it for accessories or decor details. Of course, if the saturated color feels food to your little one, then go for it. Parents are also afraid to make a child's room look too grown-up while she or he is still a little girl/boy. You can always hang wallpaper or 3D wall panels to create a playful environment by accenting walls. Don't cover every wall, just a part of the room, pair neutral painted wall with colorful wallpaper or 3D wall panels. The good thing using wallpaper or 3d wall panels, that when your little one grows, you can just simply remove them and replace it with something new.

Dedicate Space for Toy, Book Storage

It is also important to include things children love so they would feel comfortable, happy and safe, even if it doesn't correspond with an adult's idea of a good design. Assign a dedicated space for your kid's beloved heroes or any other characters and prevent his or her playthings from taking center stage. Along with the toys, try to incorporate unique and maybe home-made items that your kids could even give them to their own children one day. Most of the parents try to hide not-so-pretty toys in baskets and boxes, but we all know they come out the minute we leave their room. What is more, include a book shelve or wall-mounted book ledges to create a vertical library that doesn't take much space. If your child is excited about season holidays, you can add a few decor details without spending a fortune or a lot of time. Caravan Shoppe has plenty of simple decor details for children, which can be printed straight from your computer. You only pay once, and you can print the downloaded piece of art as often as you like, and create beauty for your home! Caravan also has free stuff. Easter is coming, so don't miss a chance and download some nice Easter decorations to create a vivid and playful environment during the most beautiful holiday in Spring.

Leave room for upgrades or special occasions

One of the biggest challenges when decorating your child's room is the need to upgrade it often - your little one's needs are going to change as she or he grows up. Make sure there is enough space to change the decor according to the age and when necessary. One way to do this is to invest in the furniture like a bigger closet or a double bed and use the artwork that can be easily modified or removed. But since we don't know who our children are going to grow into, always leave extra room to move in a bigger bed or add on more storage.

When it comes to children, nothing is constant. They change their favorite styles, colors, and food as easily as the wind blows. Why would the design of the room be an exception? Be ready for new requests for change to come and be open to them. By following these tips, you might save yourself a lot of money, time and frustration. But the best tip is to respect your kid's personality and follow his or her needs.

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