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Color psychology in interior design: why is it important?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Have you ever wondered why you feel so calm when you step in a beautifully neutral living area and so energized when in a vivid red room? The reason is very easy: colors are closely connected to the emotions.

Color psychology is popular in marketing and branding however, it is also a powerful tool in the interior design world and has more impact on the mood than any other factor in the room. Different shades cause particular emotions so when discussing the colors you should think about the kind of atmosphere you would like to create and which tones will help you achieve it. In this blog post, we discuss 9 main colors, what impact they have on our emotions and where to adapt them.

Living room decorated with blue 3D wall panels by De Wolfe Walls
De Wolfe 3D Wall Panels Efva Design


Blue is one of the strongest colors in the spectrum. Deep blues, such as royal or navy, are perfect for stimulating confidence and are associated with success, loyalty, peace, and trust. Lighter tones cause tranquil and calm feelings at home, which makes them great for bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. The living room above has blue 3d wall panels by De Wolfe, which creates a luxurious yet calm atmosphere.


Grey is one of universal colors that can adapt to multiple personalities. The shade itself stimulates security, solidity, and intelligence. It also can create a feeling of composure and calm, which is perfect for families with hyperactive kids. As with every color, the result depends on how you use the shades. The matte grey will create a strong and confident feeling, while a glossy shadow can bring a softer look just like in the picture.


Red is one of the most dramatic tones in the color palette and one of the most influencing colors when it comes to rousing emotions. It is usually related to passion, energy, and excitement. Action, ambition, and power are additional characteristics associated with this shade, and that's why red could be a perfect choice for creative spaces and home offices. This color is rich in shades, so whether you want to express a traditional, rich feeling or a pop-art, red will suit both.


Black is a classic color of all time and in all situations of life. If you don't know what color or furniture to buy or what to wear black gives a safety feeling and promises sleek smooth sophistication. However, if you use black heavily in the living space drama, mystery and power can be felt in the house. Black is a perfect color for architectural details and offers a modern appeal to even traditional areas. Don't forget - this color never dates.

spa room with a chair decorated with 3D wall panels by De Wolfe Walls
De Wolfe 3D Wall Panels Chabel Design


This picture with brown 3D wall panels by De Wolfe shows that this color is linked to relaxation and color. The rich brown walls combined with a matching chair or a coach, display coziness and stability. Besides, the neutral tone can also be a symbol of support and structure. The shade perfect fits in living rooms, kitchens and all the areas for family gatherings. Brown can be both, masculine and feminine since it has so many natural materials, such as leather, wood or stone.


It's not a surprise that yellow is related to joy, energy, and optimism. Playful shades perfectly match children's bedroom and nurseries, however, if used too much, this color can make babies cry! Yellow has so many bright tones which can create a beautiful interior design for a living room or a guest room. Stay with golden shades and adapt the color in darkened areas of the house to bring some light and vitality in the space. This color is also perfect for the beach or any holiday houses.


Purple is related to many different emotions from creativity and depth, to nobility and fantasy. It looks great in feminine rooms, but deeper versions of the tone can also look masculine. Purple has a royal charm and also offers luxurious feeling, which allows the shades to bring a real presence to a room. It can be a perfect match for a dressing room or a hallway, so your guests will be impressed after the first steps in your house.

pink girls room decorated with 3d wall panels by De Wolfe Walls
De Wolfe 3D Wall Panels Graff Design


Pink is usually considered as a little girl's color and speaks for love, femininity, and nurture. Its shades and tones are usually used in the bedroom, but it could easily be transferred to the living room if adapted well. Pink shades should be rather used for details and accessories than for massive furniture or walls. However, if it's a girl's room, go ahead and paint the walls pink! Maybe just like in this picture?


Green is one of the most positive colors as it stimulates growth, balance, and restoration. It brings the natural world to our home, so if you live in a city, it can be a great option for you to feel the refreshing sense of nature indoors. Green comes in a variety of beautiful tones and shades, ranging from emerald to lime and olive. It is an ideal wall color for areas where you need to think and open the mind such as study rooms, kitchens or any creative spaces. Green is also associated with money, so pay attention to where you pay your bills.

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