• Viktorija Tarakaviciute

Designing your living room: what does it need to be about?

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

These days when everyone is busy with work, studies or any other activities, we don't spend a lot of time in the living room. We watch TV while cooking in the kitchen, we eat in there as well, kids play in their own rooms, and the only place you want to be after work is your bed. So, what's the role of the living room?

Years ago, a living room was one of the few areas in the house for the visitors and guests. The living room was always the fanciest and tidiest space, but everything has changed in the 21st century. People are not afraid anymore of showing their real faces. So, what that there are a couple of dirty dishes in the sink or an old hoodie hanging on the chair.

Today, the living room is your own space, for your needs, and comfort. However, many of us want to make it look nice for the guests yet comfortable for ourselves. So which furniture and decor details are necessary and to which ones we can say goodbye?

1. The TV

So many opinions and discussions regarding the TV in the living room topic. Some people say that if you want a room for yourself and your guests, you should throw the TV out because it only distracts us. We say - keep it! The TV isn't just about the programs or movies, but you might also do a slideshow from your last trip for your visitors, or you can all together watch an old video from your 15th birthday party!

2. The carpet

The Living room without a carpet isn't a living room? False! Big, patterned carpets have had their time in the 90s and early 2000s. If you want something soft under your feet, choose a medium-size plain color rug.

3. Massive couch

Of course, if you have a big family, you may want to consider a big couch or a living room set. However, don't forget, that the living room isn't about seating as many people as possible, it is about your comfort. Plus, huge couches do not add charm to our interior design.

4. Unit to place all your china

Forget the days when all the china had to be placed in the unit so everyone could see it. No one cares if you bring the plates from the kitchen, living or a dining room. Instead, decorate your walls and bring some vanity to your home. You will also be surprised how big your living room is without that giant closet!

5. Aromatherapy

Home decor isn't just about furniture and decor details. It is important that your home would smell good too. According to the recent studies, aromatherapy can boost your mental and physical health, plus essential oils smell amazing!

If the living room is becoming a lost room in the house, try to redecorate it according to your needs. If you want to paint in the living room, place your easel there! Do you hate that big couch? Place a couple of armchairs or a bean bag chair! It’s all about your comfort