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Winter Decor: It's Not All About The Christmas

If you're going to survive having to spend even more time at home than usual thanks to the blistering cold weather outside, it needs to feel totally homey and inviting. And that doesn't mean you have to be stuck living with kitschy wreaths and holiday decor until march. Winter decorations are all about incorporating rich, textural layers and seasonal colors that reflect the season. Whether you want to go shopping for some wintery artwork and decor or you'd rather work with what you've got, these twenty winter decorating ideas will help you prep for hibernation in style.


If you have tiles, hardwood or concrete floors, rugs

are an easy and effective way to cozy-up your home

in winter. Hardwood floors are not only chilly

underfoot in winter; they don't help hold in any

heat, so unless you have underfloor heating, it's time to invest in a rug or two.


Think plush velvet, chunky knitted throws and warming hints of timber or brass if you're planning on redecorating this winter. Even just a few new cushions can make all the difference when you're trying to create a snug space to cuddle up in.


Something about winter just begs for more nature-inspired

decor (it probably has something to do with the fact that

we can't spend as much time outside). In this living room,

the two wooden stools are a subtle way to reflect the view beyond the window.


Sheer curtains are right on-trend and perfect for balmy summer weather but they're not so good at keeping the heat in and the cool out. If your windows are lacking in the window-covering department consider investing in some layered or insulated curtains or roller blinds. If you're adamant on sheers you can pick up window insulation kits from a hardware stores or online.


Collect a display of crisp glassware to bring a hint of winter white style into your home. Bright white dishware stands out against a black-painted hutch. Accents of silver scattered throughout the display

echo the sparkle of freshly fallen snow, while a fresh houseplant adds life. Or if you want a bigger change try De Wolfe 3D wall panels. You can keep the panels simply white which gives cozy and wintery feeling.

The best part - when the winter is over and you want something more colorful, you can paint them in any color you want! It’s practical and smart decision, the installation is very easy as well as the maintenance, and at affordable price.


As temperatures dip lower, your focus will naturally shift toward the hearth. Give your fireplace a quick makeover to ensure it's ready for all that extra attention. A large mirror above the mantel instantly elevates the fireplace to focal point status, while an ornate screen adds both style and function below.



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