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Guest Post: Simple Ways You Can Make Your Rental More Popular

Simple Ways You Can Make Your Rental More Popular

It is virtually impossible to start your vacation property ownership career with all of the knowledge you need to succeed; experience is the only true teacher. However, there are things you can learn from those who’ve come before. Keep reading for a few tried-and-true tips on how to garner five-star reviews with minimal effort and a beginner’s budget.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

One of the most crucial aspects of your rental is how you treat your guests; by making them a priority, and you will ultimately gain their loyalty. Excellent customer service is very simple to offer. For example, always be professional, return queries quickly, and remain available once they have arrived. Another facet of customer service is ensuring the property is in great condition and then keeping it that way throughout your guests’ vacation.

If you do not have the time or your customer service skills are lacking, you will be served well by outsourcing the task to a professional property management company. A property manager will not only have the staff available to respond to your guests day or night, but they can also handle things like cleaning and property maintenance. Some management companies even handle bookings online, so your tenants/guests can seamlessly check in and out. This can reduce stress on you while providing an unparalleled experience for renters before, during, and after booking.

Create an Inviting Environment

Just as important as customer service is the comfort of your vacation rental. Create an inviting environment by eliminating clutter, which is known to cause stress, a feeling you do not want swirling around your customers’ minds.

Once unnecessary items have been removed and the property cleaned, focus on its aesthetic appeal. Start in the main living space by removing heavy curtains and adding adjustable drapes or shades. This will increase the amount of natural light and automatically make the room feel larger. Next, decide on a design scheme. HGTV notes that natural wood creates warmth and texture, which is ideal for a cabin or holistic retreat. In the city, exposed brick and architectural accents will go a long way toward giving the visitors an authentic local experience.

Butter Them Up with Inexpensive Amenities

Certain things are expected in most rentals. Dishes, cable television, and other basics aren’t really amenities — they’re expected inclusions. In addition to providing these necessities, a few inexpensive enhancements will show that you are a thoughtful host. Little things like premium towels and supplies for a first-morning breakfast will stand out in your guests’ minds.

Also, make it a point to know why people are visiting the area in the first place, as this will put you in a better position to customize their vacation experience. You might, for example, leave flowers and a bottle of champagne for honeymooners or create a welcome basket for people scouting the area as their new hometown.

Maximize the Usability of the Entire Property.

If you have outdoor space, make sure your visitors can use that as well. A fire pit, privacy fence, and landscaped lawn are all extra touches that will increase their satisfaction. You can also appeal to most guests by building an outdoor kitchen, which does not have to be costly.

Another thing to consider is whether to have a restricted space, such as the master bedroom, where you leave your personal belongings. This is generally not a great idea, and especially if the home is advertised as having a certain number of bedrooms but only some of them are available. Instead, designate an owner’s closet in an out-of-the-way space.

While this is certainly not all it takes to create the perfect rental, it is a great start, and will get the ball rolling. Make sure to discuss any other questions with your property management company. Their experts will have experience in the area and know the most cost-effective methods to mark your most pressing need off of your to-do list.

Guest Post Author: Erin Reynolds

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