• Viktorija Tarakaviciute

Bathroom design: why do we make it so difficult?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Did you know that homeowners tend to invest the most to the bathrooms and kitchens? The reason is simple: these areas are used the most in the house and require the most maintenance. Kitchens and bathrooms experience various humidity and temperature changes which results in faster wear and tear. In this blog post, we are going to share our thoughts on why you should consider installing 3D wall panels into your bathroom instead of ceramic wall tiles.

A waterproof wall panel requires less maintenance, is more resistant to mold, and brings an appealing look into your bathroom. There are many different types of wall panels made of cane, polystyrene, PVC or engineering plastic. For the best result, you should choose the 3D wall panels made of engineering plastic because they manufactured in a way that creates a 100% waterproof surface.

Faster Installation

The installation process is much simpler compared to tiling. You do not need any screws or plugs, and there is no grouting involved. The 3D wall panels can be installed using simple woodworking tools, and the only needed thing is a straight wall. Wall forms can be installed to most bathroom wall types including brick, concrete, plasterboard, etc. Tiles take a lot longer to dry, while 3D wall panels installation is easier and faster.

Easy Maintenance

It is important to understand that 3D wall panels are surprisingly easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe them with a cloth. Some people are afraid that panels will keep webs and dust that are difficult to reach, but if you can't reach it with a cloth, use a vacuum cleaner! Unlike the paint and wallpaper which tend to peel or flake, wall panels are incredibly durable. There is a big chance that no damage will appear on your panels even if you have them for a very long time. By the way, 3D wall panels by De Wolfe have a 10-year warranty!


Wall panels are available in multiple shapes and designs. If you love ceramic tiles but want a faster and cheaper way to design your bathroom, choose panels designed in a tile effect. If you want a 3D effect, wall forms are again the best choice. We suggest buying white matte panels so you will be able to paint them, add a stone or any other effect! Don't forget that 3D wall panels by De Wolfe can be also used on a ceiling.

So, before using wall tiles in your bathroom, think about all the time and money you could save with 3D wall panels. They are durable, attractive, easy maintenance and will completely change your bathroom's look!