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Spring home reno: which projects are the most important?

Spring is always associated with blooming flowers, positivity and the fresh start. During this period, many of us like to do a small reno in our lives, either it’s a computer’s desktop reorganization, a closet revise or the whole house renovation. If you decide to do a reno in our home, you definitely don’t have to change everything from the ground. However, there are some main projects that should be done after a winter, just to make sure that your house is ready for a new season. In this blog post, we chose the most important projects that you might consider doing during the most beautiful season of the year. Let’s dig in!

The most important projects are not necessarily visible.

Upgrades like plumbing or electrical may improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your home while integrating storage space into a renovation is always a good investment. Waterproofing and any structural issues should always be one of the most important tasks to do before other projects get started. Everyone will agree that there is no sense in putting a new bathtub on a crooked floor or renew the walls in the bedroom before fixing a leaking foundation or roof. The homeowner with limited space may want to consider fixing their basement and turning into an office, lounge or even a bedroom. Just make sure, that all the pipes, walls, floor and roof is ready for a new season.

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Make the most of the outdoor projects by starting in early spring.

Upgrades like building a deck are one of the most popular projects in the Spring. Winter weather can make some damages for a deck surface, so renewing it in the spring will let you enjoy the deck during all summer. You should also consider a landscaping project for your yard. Upgrade an exterior with hardscape materials such as interlocking brick or stone, it will create an instant visual appeal. Add trees or shrubs, it will create visual interest with color and texture and will break up the linear lines of the exterior. Plus, seeing buds on the thee is inspiring – wouldn’t you want a green lawn covered with fresh blossoms? If you are considering expanding your garden and turning it into a botanical one, your wallet can take a real hit. Individual plants usually cost between $5-$15 each, so if you want to line the front of the house or a walkway you might spend not so little. Adding some shrubs and a bark mulch can increase the expenses up to $500 or even $1000 just on good looking flower beds in your yard. In case you are planning on selling your house or apartment, don’t waste money on things that won’t affect the property immediately. Plating seeds, insect control, aerating or fertilizing will not give any impressions, however, planting a couple of tulip bulbs can be a great way to greet your house buyers.

Repair the Driveway.

Snow and salt attack your driveway every winter. Imagine if you could just add a new layer of an asphalt every spring and enjoy it the whole season until next winter. However, we all know it’s not that easy. Properly fixing the driveaway, requires heavy equipment with which you will dig down and remove the soft materials, set the correct amount of a base material, grade it for water runoff and pack it. You are able to lay the asphalt only then the solid base is installed. Regardless of the material you use for your topcoat, be ready to pay because it is not a Do-It-Yourself project. Asphalt is expensive, a square foot could cost somewhere between $2-$7!

Get your materials and contractor booked in advance.

Home renovation projects involve many stages and lots of time, so the sooner you start organizing and planning, the more prepared you are going to be. To get a good project manager or a contractor takes time and especially during the spring and summer when most of the renovations are usually done. If your project requires permits, you have to submit them and get an approval before any building begins! Building inspectors will have to sign off on certain phases of the project before the next one can begin. Also, if you are looking for special materials that cannot be easily bought in the store, start looking and book them months before. It’s a busy season and there are hundreds or even thousands of people in your area who are planning on renovating their home too.

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Repaint the walls.

You look outside and realize that the winter touched every single piece of your property, and the walls don’t look as colorful as they were in summer or fall. Since indoor wall renovation can be done during the winter and doesn’t require as much time and money, the outdoor walls can be a real challenge. Painting just to change the color is a waste of time and money. Before you reach for the paintbrush, study your walls good and think if there is a reason why the paint stay for such a short time. Every wall requires preparation before it can be painted. For this project, most likely, you will have to hire a professional which can bite your wallet. However, if you are tired of repainting walls every season and don’t have enough budget to hire a professional to prepare them well, consider other options like 3D wall panels. De Wolfe 3D wall panels can be used indoor and outdoor. They are waterproof, fire and shock resistant and are not afraid of weather changes. Decorative panels can be a good option if you are looking for something new and want to cover your “imperfect” walls. The best thing is that you are able to install 3d wall panels by yourself, no need to hire a professional. Choose between 17 exclusive designs and prepare your home for a new season.

Consider your project’s return on investment.

When renovating your home, you expect a return from the investment you made. Even if you are not planning to sell your house in the near future, you might want to know how this renovation project has affected your home’s value. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are always on top of the lists for popular home improvement projects that offer the best return on investment. Also, you might think of adding insulation to the areas with non-existent or limited insulation. It is always a good investment because making your home as energy efficient as possible helps to keep more money in your wallet. You don’t have to build additional walls or tear down the ones you already have to receive big returns. Small updates in décor and design can make your home more welcoming, comfortable and functional. De Wolfe Decorative 3D wall panels can improve the insulation and the décor of your room, without wasting lots of time and money. It improves your mood and adds to your enjoyment of the home, and that’s valuable as well. Upgrading door or cabinet hardware and light fixtures can drastically improve the look of the house. Fixing outdated flooring can also give a great ROI.

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Limited budgets don’t always mean low-quality reno.

There are multiples home renovation projects that you can start with a small budget, even if you have a full-time job. Simple improvements like applying a fresh coat of paint, installing 3D wall panels, changing a kitchen backsplash, upgrading doors, knobs or hardware can give a new look to your home. If you decide to do everything yourself, the money you saved on hiring the professional can be used on better quality materials and nicer finishes. Just make sure that you have done research and know what you are doing, otherwise, you might spend more time and money than hiring a professional in the very beginning.

Don’t become a home reno horror story.

When you decided to hire a professional and put your home into someone else’s hands, you want to be sure that they are qualified, reliable and can do the job right. We all have heard the horror stories of bad contractors who charge double the original price, take shortcuts or go missing. There are many great professionals, but there are also some who can overcharge for standard results. Be sure to do research, ask for references before signing a contract or handing over the money. When you are planning your reno project, don’t forget to establish a budget that can be necessary to cover unexpected costs and issues. New houses may have fewer issues but they are not exempt, and older homes are guaranteed to have extra problems that will change your course of tasks and actions.

Either you are doing a major spring renovation or a little one, prepare well and avoid unexpected issues. The most important projects not necessarily have to be visible. Plumbing, crooked floor, a broken roof, destroyed driveway or simple garden renovation are essential spring tasks. Prepare your home for a new season and you will be able to enjoy the sunny days, blooming flowers smell and long dinners in the backyard with your family or friends without worrying about unfinished projects.



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