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Classic vs modern design: which one fits you better?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

If you have your own house or an apartment, most probably that you have some experience in interior design and home decor, of course as an amateur. You also must know that one of the most difficult tasks in remodeling your home is to choose the style. The two most popular styles in interior design world are classic and modern, which are also often combined with minimalist, French, Scandinavian styles. So, which design to choose classic or modern, and is it easy to go from one style to another one?

Classic Design


This style usually requires more investment than minimalist or modern because it includes solid wood furniture, often handmade, which features different decorative elements integrated into the furniture. Since most of the classic or traditional furniture are imposing and massive, it is a better choice for those who have a big house or an apartment. Otherwise, you risk turning your home into a crowded warehouse that will make you feel uncomfortable. Classic style is popular among older people or the ones who live outside the city. What is good about this interior design type, that you always can switch from traditional to modern traditional. It won't require to make major changes as renewing walls, floor or doors, you can just simply remove the massive furniture and decor details and change them with simpler ones. Classic style looks very good combined with French design, because they both are elegant, luxurious and has a strong character.

modern bedroom design decorated with 3D wall panels by De Wolfe Walls
Modern Design


Modern style is a perfect choice for those who have a smaller budget because most of the furniture is made of chipboards which are widely accessible. Besides, modern style always accents minimalism so you don't need much space or many fancy decor details. Modern design is also easy to maintain or change, so if you decide to add more details and change to a more traditional or even Scandinavian style, you won't have many problems. The modern design suits the best small and medium-sized houses and apartments. The dominant colors in modern design are white, blue, grey, green and yellow.

So which one, classic or modern design?

Both styles have their pros and cons, so you need to look into your needs and wishes. If you have a small apartment and a tight budget, we would recommend to go with modern design, because it will help save money and home won’t look crowded. If you have a bigger house and enough money, try to combine classic design with modern. It’s going to look luxurious and vivid, plus modern style requires less maintenance. Pure traditional design is popular between true class fans. Classic style has a very strict and strong character which after some time, can make you feel tired.

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