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Joyful spring in the kitchen: top 9 decor tendencies

Are you planning your dream kitchen? Whether your current kitchen design needs renovating or you just simply want to refresh an old color scheme, now is the best time to create the kitchen of your dreams. So, what's new in the kitchen design world? For 2019 spring, the kitchen perfectly blends function and form and technology becomes a very important part of it, helping to make the everyday routine easier. The kitchen is the heart of most homes, so it makes sense that there is a strong desire to make it look good, comfortable whether it's a modern or traditional style.

Back to Basics

The Scandinavian style is on the rise in 2019 and especially in the kitchen design world. It is all about creating a minimalist, simple spaces that include natural materials. Stone, wood, shiplap, and brick are perfect to infuse eco-friendly, raw resources into your house. These elements ads depth and texture to your kitchen and give a cozy feeling. If you want to make a statement, choose matte finishes, they will create a dramatic feel in the room and will add sophistication. Matte appliances perfectly pair with timbers and natural woods for a rustic yet elegant look.

Bring Spring Indoors

Spring is the time of renewal when the snow has finally melted you can bring some freshness to the house. To spruce up the kitchen, display some greenery. Think about fresh herbs it's not just a decor detail but also a pleasure for your stomach. Display them along the counter or the wall. If you have a green thumb, try to grow some in small-pots to line the countertop, you can also add some wildflowers that can be found in fields on this time of the year. The result is the additional natural textures and lively colors that create a vivid and fresh atmosphere and can be a great topic of conversation!

Terrazzo Time

If you are looking for something unique and colorful, then Terrazzo is a great option for you. It is a confetti-like mosaic of mixed materials with pieces of quartz, glass, granite or marble. Terrazzo material is widely used as a backsplash or for flooring, but you might incorporate it in your design with a vase, bowl or just simple coasters. It will let you feel the spirit of southern Europe and maybe even encourage you to try Italian cuisine.

Heavy Metal

Mixing various metals has been on trend for the past couple of years. Metal sinks/faucets, drawer knobs, pulls, and many more accents can be added to your kitchen. Gold and copper are widely used because they add warm tones and sophistication but with a heritage feel. Don't be afraid to combine copper with gold, silver or brass, though, choose the good quality metal knobs or pulls, because they can easily wear down.

Benches and Banquette Seating

The kitchen is becoming a common space for lounging, especially on late Sunday's brunch. Built-in benches, booths, and banquettes are a fantastic use of space. It is more comfortable than just a simple table and chairs set, and it also creates a better environment for a friendly conversation together with a cup of tea!

Multifunctional Trough Sink

Why only use the sink for washing if it can be a multifunctional appliance? Since the kitchen is becoming one of the most entertaining spots in the house, wine coolers and racks are now kitchen must-haves. Your multifunctional sink can be used for anything from chilling oysters, wine or even growing herbs? Don't forget that it's more useful for ones who have two or more sinks and enough space in their kitchen.

Bespoke Pantries and Larders

When re-decorating the kitchen, a bespoke pantry or larder is still one of the biggest trends this and next year. A must-have in the modern kitchen, with storage for

easily accessible ingredients, a well-designed pantry is also a great decor detail.

Kitchen Islands

The kitchen islands have been always considered as a luxurious kitchen detail. It is not only a great place to perch, but it can also be used for extra storage or as a dining table. If you don't have enough space for an island, you might consider a peninsula. It is attached to a wall, so you lose access to one side, but it still provides many of the same advantages. Peninsula models work perfectly in L-shaped or single wall layouts. Speaking of kitchen islands, currently, waterfall worktops are growing popularity in countertops and worktops market. It is a surface that flows over the edge of a worktop, covering the side and reaching the floor - a great choice for someone who is looking for innovative ideas.

kitchen island decorated with 3d wall panels
De Wolfe 3D Wall Panels, Chabel Design

Sophisticated in Dark Shades

Recently there was noticed a sharp increase in orders of black kitchen furniture, which reflects the trend of using darker hues in the home decor at all. 2019 interior color trends embrace both darker and lighter hue palette, however in the kitchen design world, rich coffee brown, taupe, biscuit beige, and shades of grey are on the most popular choices. Don't forget, darker shades look luxurious in big kitchens, however in the smaller ones you might want to choose lighter colors, to avoid the kitchen to look even smaller than it already is. Incorporate metal accents with coffee brown cupboards, and we promise you a modern yet elegant look.

As we always say, no matter what, don't forget yourself and what works the best for you. We hope these tips will help make easier design decisions and you will create the kitchen of your dreams. Good luck!

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